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APPIDEMIC Studios is a Label for development and sales of tablet and videogames. We keep you updated via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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[22.09.2015] - New Version

Glück Auf is now available on Steam for OS X and Linux, too.

Here are the changed, which have been uploaded. Depending on the platform, the new version can be downloaded shortly.

Release Notes
1. The player names can be changed in the options panel
2. Missing translations have been added
3. Button feedback in the options panel: 2 small checkboxes for camera and tutorials
4. Coal placement in the elevator has been changed completely
5. Additional icon in the elevator panel
6. Zoom panel: 2 new arrow icons to rotate the camera in the mine
7. Bug in mine creating game has been fixed
8. Card choosing at start of the game: Names show, who took which card
9. Bug with wrong card assignment has been fixed

[18.08.2015] - Glück Auf on Steam

Glück Auf is now available on Steam (for Windows):

[17.08.2015] - Bugfixing

We have fixed a very bad bug today and updated the changes.The Android version is online. Apple/iOS will take up to 10 days.

[04.08.2015] - Release Notes for the Update

  • Update to Unity3D Version 5.1
  • UI scaling problems solved
  • Manual zoom function removed
  • Autosave of all options
  • Playernames can be set/saved
  • Camera movement can be deactivated
  • Camera position can be set separate
  • Screenshots in the manual changed
  • Camera position adjusted
  • Shift will be shown on end of turn
  • Infotext added at all scoring screens
  • Performance improvement

[23.07.2015] - Update

After a lot of work in other projects we are now working on the next update of Glück Auf. We have fixed a lot of problems with the UI. The Options will now be saved, you can set playernames and the cameramovement can be deactivated. Additionally the navigation in the game has been updates, so that you are able to jump directly to each point. We will release the Update after testing and publish the complete release notes at the beginning of next month.

[13.05.2015] - Greenlit

Glück Auf has been Greenlit !!!
Steam Greenlight

[14.03.2015] - Apple iOS Release

Glück Auf has been released via iTunes on Apple iOS devices. Here is the iTunes link: Glück Auf

[02.03.2015] - Newspaper Article

A new newspaper article about the game has been released. In the german newspaper (see picture) and online at: derWesten.

[24.02.2015] - Android Update

We had a bug in the release version, but it is fixed now. You will receive the automatic update shortly, if you have already bought the game. The new zoom mode for small displays and high resolutions.

[20.02.2015] - Android Release

Glück Auf is released for Android tablets. Here is the link to the google playstore:

[19.02.2015] - Release Candidate

The Release Candidate of Glück Auf is finished. You will receive new information about the platforms shortly.

[26.01.2015] - New Android-Beta

We created a new Android version for Betatests because of a texture bug.

[24.01.2015] - Steam Greenlight

We are now on Steam Greenlight. Please support us, if you like to play the game. Thank you.

Steam Grennlight

[23.01.2015] - Gameplay Trailer

This little Gameplay Trailer will be used on the landingpage. As soon as the page is online, it will be shown here.

[10.12.2014] - Beta 2.0

The Beta 2 of Glück Auf is finished. But there will be no beta 3 to 27. The iPad platform will be ready during the next week. After the test the release version will follow. New features:
- Android Version
- Animationen of the miners
- Bachgroundmusic and new SFX
- Tutorial-Text for each action
- Options in the main menue

List of Platforms:
- All Browsers (with Unity WebPlayer)
- Windows (32 & 64bit)
- Mac (32 & 64bit)
- Linux (32 & 64bit)
- Android (ab 4.1)
- iOS

[07.01.2015] - Video developer blog No.3

Part 3 of the developer blog: A little update for the beta, the new bachgroundmusic and the animations.

[10.12.2014] - Beta-Test started

The Beta test of Glück Auf was started today. All members will receive a login via mail shortly. You can test the game in the browser via Unity Webplayer or download a zip file.

[05.12.2014] - Balancing and Bugfixing

Balancing and Bugfixing of Glück Auf is nearly finished. The closed beta is ready to start next week. Until monday a couple of animations and soundeffects will be included.

[28.11.2014] - AI finetuning

Today we will do a lot of finetuning for the AI and smaller bugfixes. The closed beta will be ready soon. This can be done via Webplayer, because of the new Unity release 4.6. A zip package can be downloaded, too.

[18.11.2014] - Video developer blog No.2

Here is part 2 of the Video developer blog. This time with new headset.

[17.11.2014] - Glück Auf Analog

Today we met with eggertspiele at the "Spieletreff Sauerland" in the RAMADA Hotel Willingen. We played the analog version and discussed the stategy of the AI.

[15.11.2014] - The textured miner

The textured miner is looking good and needs to be animated. The game mechanics are finished and the game can be played with up to four players. Multilanguage and AI are still in development. In december the beta test can start without delay.

[05.11.2014] - The miner

Today we would like to give you a quick view on the miner in 3D. The model is still without textures and animation.

[04.11.2014] - Game mechanics

A little update: The game mechanics are nearly finished. Next week we will start with the AI development. With a little luck we are able to start with the beta test in december - as planned.

[29.10.2014] - Video developer blog No.1

Here is the first look of the alpha version of Glück Auf in your YouTube-Channel. The microphone is defect, but I hope it will do.

[22.10.2014] - Zoom and other interactions

The player is able to do nearly all interactions, right now. Order cards can be purchased and the mine can be expanded. New zoom levels are implemented, too.

[15.10.2014] - Order card inventory

The inventory for the order cards is working. A few background graphics for the GUI will be replaced soon. The placed ressources on the card are already shown in 3D (2. card on the left).

[09.10.2014] - Impressions

The level setup is nearly finished. The animated miners and little details needs to be added. The GUI will be changed, because the font allowes no special letters. The nice looking smoke particle effects are already added.

[02.10.2014] - Mine element as 3D object

3D Objects can be created with lights in Unity. Each mine plate of the boardgame will be represented in the game by a 3D object like this.

[01.10.2014] - Development of "Glück Auf" started

The development of the digital version of "Glück Auf" has been started. We are using the Unity-Engine to create this game.